New Tablet App by SITA Halves Mishandled Malaysia Airlines Bag Claim Time

Malaysia Airlines Logo
Malaysia Airlines Logo

Malaysia Airlines has been known for iPad usage in some of its services quite some time ago. Another milestone is achieved when it uses SITA iPad tablet app technology to improve the handling time for mishandled bag claims by the customers.

The traditional process involves filling up forms on desktop terminals, which can be cumbersome for less tech-savvy customers.

The whole process takes around five minutes, half the time customers normally spend finding the right counter and filling in forms on desktop terminals

– Datuk Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani, Malaysia Airlines Director of Customer Services Division

Named “WorldTracer”, the SITA app can be used by airline agents to check the status of missing bag, file report for missing or lost bag and even print receipts for the customers.

The program is still in pilot phase and it will continue for six month.

Source: BERNAMA news article