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Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SZB)

Subang Skypark Terminal

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (SZB) is located at Subang, Selangor, Malaysia. It serves the central part of peninsular Malaysia.


Airport Location

Subang Skypark Terminal
Subang Skypark Terminal

The airport is located at Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.


Airport Technical Details

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Runway #1

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Flight Schedule (Arrivals)

FY 2061FireflyKBR9:20 AMDaily except Sun
OD 1243Malindo AirKBR9:30 AMDaily
FY 2101FireflyTGG9:35 AMDaily
FY 1669FireflyAOR9:50 AMDaily
OD 1239Malindo AirKBR10:00 AMDaily except Sun
OD 1513Malindo AirAOR10:10 AMDaily
OD 1501Malindo AirAOR10:40 AMDaily
OD 1803Malindo AirTGG11:50 AMDaily
FY 2067FireflyKBR12:10 PMDaily
OD 1255Malindo AirKBR12:10 PMDaily
OD 1805Malindo AirTGG12:20 PMDaily
OD 1235Malindo AirKBR1:05 PMDaily
OD 1241Malindo AirKBR1:35 PMDaily
OD 1233Malindo AirKBR2:05 PMDaily
FY 2071FireflyKBR2:30 PMDaily
FY 1671FireflyAOR3:00 PMDaily
FY 2115FireflyTGG3:20 PMDaily
OD 1249Malindo AirKBR3:55 PMDaily
OD 1245Malindo AirKBR4:25 PMDaily
FY 2152FireflyJHB4:30 PMDaily
OD 1811Malindo AirTGG5:30 PMDaily
FY 1673FireflyAOR5:40 PMDaily
OD 1212Malindo AirJHB5:45 PMDaily
OD 1407Malindo AirLGK6:00 PMDaily
FY 3510FireflySIN6:10 PMDaily
FY 2077FireflyKBR6:10 PMDaily
FY 2215FireflyPEN6:05 PMDaily
OD 1505Malindo AirAOR6:20 PMDaily
OD 1210Malindo AirJHB6:15 PMDaily
FY 2117FireflyTGG6:50 PMDaily except Wed
OD 1231Malindo AirKBR7:00 PMDaily
OD 1813Malindo AirTGG7:00 PMDaily
OD 1823Malindo AirKTE7:00 PMSun, Tue, Wed, Thu only
FY 2203FireflyPEN7:05 PMDaily except Sat
FY 2154FireflyJHB7:10 PMDaily
OD 1237Malindo AirKBR7:30 PMDaily
OD 1251Malindo AirKBR8:00 PMDaily
FY 3516FireflySIN8:15 PMDaily
FY 2205FireflyPEN8:05 PMDaily
OD 1503Malindo AirAOR8:25 PMDaily
OD 1167Malindo AirPEN8:20 PMDaily
FY 2156FireflyJHB8:30 PMDaily
OD 1159Malindo AirPEN8:30 PMDaily except Sun
OD 1257Malindo AirKBR8:45 PMDaily
FY 2207FireflyPEN9:00 PMDaily
OD 1173Malindo AirPEN9:00 PMDaily
FY 1675FireflyAOR9:20 PMDaily
FY 2245FireflyKBR9:30 PMDaily
OD 1208Malindo AirJHB9:40 PMDaily
OD 1801Malindo AirTGG9:55 PMDaily
OD 1175Malindo AirPEN9:55 PMDaily except Sat
OD 1269Malindo AirKBR10:20 PMDaily
OD 1179Malindo AirPEN10:20 PMDaily except Friday
FY 2158FireflyJHB10:30 PMDaily
FY 2247FireflyKBR10:35 PMDaily
FY 3522FireflySIN10:55 PMDaily
FY 2119FireflyTGG10:40 PMDaily
OD 1275Malindo AirKBR10:50 PMDaily
FY 2209FireflyPEN10:50 PMDaily
OD 1218Malindo AirJHB11:00 PMDaily
OD 1169Malindo AirPEN11:25 PMDaily
OD 1277Malindo AirKBR11:50 PMDaily
OD 1204Malindo AirJHBDaily
OD 1202Malindo AirJHBDaily
MH 1253Malaysia AirlinesKBRDaily

Flight Schedule (Departures)

FY 2160Firefly7:05 AMAORDaily
OD 1502Malindo Air9:10 AMAORDaily
OD 1506Malindo Air9:40 AMAORDaily
OD 1504Malindo Air3:20 PMAORDaily
FY 2168Firefly6:40 PMAORDaily



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