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AirAsia is a low-cost airline operator with flight routers servicing Malaysia and several other countries in Southeast Asia. The airline provides flight service to more than 400 destinations in over 25 countries. Currently, its main hub is klia2 Terminal Building, Sepang, Malaysia.

AirAsia Logo
AirAsia Logo

Since its inception, AirAsia has shown substantial improvement in both domestic and international sector.

Contact AirAsia

Customers have 4 options to contact AirAsia for any support issues.

Live Chat: Live chat is available on their website.

Twitter: Twitter users can interact via @AirAsiaSupport twitter accounts 24/7 in both English and Malay.

Email: Please visit to send email to the airline.

Call Centres: Click here to view a list of call centres for your country.

Transport Partners

Skybus is a shuttle bus service provided by a separated company but affiliated with AirAsia. AirAsia passengers can get special discounts if they buy their Skybus tickets in advance. Click here for more information about Skybus.

In 2018, AirAsia has announced their strategic partnership with Uber, allowing passengers to book their Uber ride in advance together with their flight.



  1. AirAsia – Official website
  2. Skybus website



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