Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 2014-09-21 08.22.02

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (IATA: KUL, ICAO: WMKK) is located in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. KLIA is the main airport in Malaysia. Apart from being a major airport hub in Malaysia, it also serves the Malaysian central peninsular region. It is mainly connected by road via KLIA Expressway and rail via KLIA Ekspres as well as KLIA Transit. According to its master plan, it has the capability to handle up to 125 million passengers. However, the master plan has already been revised several times to accommodate the growth of low-cost travel. As a result of tremendous growth in low-cost travel, another airport terminal has been built, which is klia2. Apart from a new terminal, the government has also decided to build a third runway to accommodate increased passenger volume.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 2014-09-21 08.22.02
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 2014-09-21 08.22.02



Airport Location

The airport is located in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. Before the construction of KLIA at its present location, the IATA code KUL was assigned to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang, Selangor. Before the Subang Airport was constructed, Kuala Lumpur / Selangor was served by Sungai Besi Airport.


Airport Technical Details

The technical information of the airport at its present location is listed as below.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Airport type:Public
Owner:Government of Malaysia
Operator:Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB)
Serves:Kuala Lumpur, Sepang, Selangor
Location:Sepang, Selangor
Time zone:Malaysia Standard Time (MST), UTC +08:00
Elevation AMSL:70 ft (21 m)
Coordinates:2.743333, 101.698056


Flight Schedule (Arrivals)

MH 2637Malaysia AirlinesBKI7:59 AMDaily
AK 5135AirAsiaBKI8:15 AMDaily
MH 1133Malaysia AirlinesPEN7:00 AMDaily
OD 2105Malindo AirPEN7:25 AMDaily
MH 1263Malaysia AirlinesKUA7:15 AMDaily
MH 1427Malaysia AirlinesKBR7:45 AMDaily
AK 6123AirAsiaPEN8:01 AMDaily
MH 1137Malaysia AirlinesPEN8:20 AMDaily
AK 6431AirAsiaKBR8:10 AMDaily
MH 2603Malaysia AirlinesBKI9:50 AMMon, Thu, Fri, Sun only
AK 6111AirAsiaPEN9:10 AMDaily
AK 6021AirAsiaAOR9:45 AMDaily
MH 1327Malaysia AirlinesTGG9:45 AMDaily
AK 6225AirAsiaTGG10:00 AMDaily
AK 5111AirAsiaBKI11:50 AMDaily
MH 1385Malaysia AirlinesKBR10:20 AMDaily
AK 6433AirAsiaKBR10:35 AMDaily
MH 1143Malaysia AirlinesPEN10:55 AMDaily
MH 2613Malaysia AirlinesBKI12:30 PMDaily
AK 5247AirAsiaBTU12:05 PMDaily
MH 1205Malaysia AirlinesAOR11:25 AMSat and Sun only
MH 1269Malaysia AirlinesKUA11:30 AMDaily
OD 1017Malindo AirBKI1:15 PMTue, Thu, Sun only
MH 2743Malaysia AirlinesBTU1:20 PMDaily
AK 6113AirAsiaPEN12:25 PMDaily
OD 1007Malindo AirBKI2:00 PMDaily
AK 5113AirAsiaBKI2:15 PMDaily
AK 5107AirAsiaBKI3:00 PMDaily
MH 1145Malaysia AirlinesPEN1:45 PMDaily
AK 6229AirAsiaTGG1:50 PMDaily
AK 6435AirAsiaKBR2:10 PMDaily
AK 6115AirAsiaPEN2:10 PMDaily
MH 2611Malaysia AirlinesBKI3:50 PMDaily
AK 6125AirAsiaPEN3:10 PMDaily
OD 2307Malindo AirKBR3:40 PMDaily except Tue, Wed
MH 1209Malaysia AirlinesAOR4:00 PMDaily
AK 6019AirAsiaAOR4:20 PMTue, Thu, Sat only
MH 2641Malaysia AirlinesBKI5:50 PMDaily
OD 2103Malindo AirPEN4:10 PMDaily
MH 1149Malaysia AirlinesPEN4:25 PMFri, Sat, Sun only
AK 5131AirAsiaBKI6:05 PMDaily
AK 6437AirAsiaKBR4:50 PMDaily
MH 1335Malaysia AirlinesTGG4:50 PMDaily
MH 2647Malaysia AirlinesBKI6:15 PMMon, Thu, Fri only
MH 1397Malaysia AirlinesKBR4:45 PMDaily
MH 1052Malaysia AirlinesJHB5:00 PMDaily except Sat
OD 2101Malindo AirPEN5:20 PMDaily
AK 6127AirAsiaPEN5:45 PMDaily
MH 2607Malaysia AirlinesBKI7:15 PMDaily
AK 6117AirAsiaPEN6:20 PMDaily
AK 6439AirAsiaKBR6:25 PMDaily
MH 1155Malaysia AirlinesPEN6:25 PMDaily
OD 1015Malindo AirBKI7:55 PMDaily
AK 5137AirAsiaBKI8:15 PMDaily
AK 6227AirAsiaTGG6:45 PMDaily
AK 6131AirAsiaPEN7:15 PMDaily
AK 6013AirAsiaAOR7:30 PMDaily
MH 2631Malaysia AirlinesBKI9:40 PMDaily
MH 1058Malaysia AirlinesJHB8:00 PMDaily
AK 5117AirAsiaBKI9:35 PMDaily
AK 6119AirAsiaPEN8:25 PMDaily
MH 2747Malaysia AirlinesBTU9:35 PMDaily except Sat
MH 1281Malaysia AirlinesKUA8:35 PMDaily
MH 1339Malaysia AirlinesTGG9:00 PMDaily
OD 1013Malindo AirBKI10:45 PMDaily
AK 5119AirAsiaBKI10:55 PMDaily
AK 5243AirAsiaBTU10:30 PMDaily
MH 1253Malaysia AirlinesAOR9:55 PMDaily
AK 5121AirAsiaBKI11:25 PMDaily
MH 1165Malaysia AirlinesPEN10:00 PMDaily
MH 2639Malaysia AirlinesBKI11:40 PMDaily
AK 6449AirAsiaKBR10:15 PMTue, Thu, Sat only
AK 6129AirAsiaPEN10:20 PMDaily
AK 6015AirAsiaAOR10:35 PMDaily
AK 6221AirAsiaTGG10:35 PMDaily
AK 6443AirAsiaKBR11:00 PMTue, Thu, Sat only
AK 5133AirAsiaBKI1:35 AMDaily
AK 6447AirAsiaKBR12:15 AMDaily
AK 6121AirAsiaPEN12:45 AMDaily
AK 6045AirAsiaJHBDaily
AK 5109AirAsiaBKIDaily
AK 6017AirAsiaAORDaily
MH 2621Malaysia AirlinesBKIDaily
AK 6441AirAsiaKBRDaily

Flight Schedule (Departures)

MH 1194Malaysia Airlines11:30 PMPENDaily
AK 6110AirAsia6:45 AMPENDaily
AK 6012AirAsia7:00 AMAORDaily
AK 6124AirAsia8:35 AMPENDaily
MH 1204Malaysia Airlines8:50 AMAORFri, Sat, Sun, Mon only
AK 6112AirAsia9:55 AMPENDaily
OD 2102Malindo Air10:00 AMPENDaily
AK 6122AirAsia10:55 AMPENDaily
MH 1140Malaysia Airlines11:15 AMPENDaily
AK 6114AirAsia12:15 PMPENDaily
AK 6018AirAsia12:15 PMAORTue, Thu, Sat only
AK 6126AirAsia1:00 PMPENDaily
MH 1208Malaysia Airlines1:25 PMAORDaily
OD 2104Malindo Air1:30 PMPENDaily
MH 1148Malaysia Airlines1:50 PMPENDaily
AK 6116AirAsia3:05 PMPENDaily
MH 1152Malaysia Airlines4:25 PMPENDaily
AK 6130AirAsia7:05 PMPENDaily
AK 6128AirAsia7:45 PMPENDaily
AK 6118AirAsia9:00 PMPENDaily
MH 1166Malaysia Airlines9:05 PMPENDaily
OD 2106Malindo Air10:05 PMPENDaily
AK 6120AirAsia10:20 PMPENDaily
TH 326Raya AirwaysLBUTue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat only
MH 6014Malaysia AirlinesKCHWed, Thu only
MH 1162Malaysia AirlinesPENDaily
MH 1252Malaysia AirlinesAORDaily
AK 6014AirAsiaAORDaily



Subang Airport replacement

It has been designated to replace Subang Airport as the main gateway to Malaysia. The airport code (KUL) are also taken from Subang Airport (now Subang Airport uses SZB as its IATA code).



The cost of KLIA construction is huge and the project was deemed to be an ambitious one during that time. The Malaysian Government has set up a company named Kuala Lumpur International Airport Berhad (KLIAB). Japanese government through JICA, its Incorporated Administrative Agency has given an Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan to KLIAB. The ODA loan covers 75% of some costs of the airport development, namely 1) Construction of the airport main terminal complex, 2) contact pier and 3) consultant services (designing and construction supervision).


Initial construction stage

Numerous criticism has been received, including its location, which is almost 50 km from KL City Centre. However, the problem was solved by installing a 57 km high-speed rail network (KLIA Ekspres) to connect the airport and city centre.


KLIA Original Master Plan

  • 5 runways will be constructed
  • 2 satellite terminals
  • 3 main terminals
  • 1 30 mppa budget terminal
  • 125 million passenger per annum (mppa) capacity


LCCT (Former Site)

Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), KLIA is a budget terminal located in KLIA tailored for low-cost carriers in Malaysia,  such as AirAsia. As the aviation industry in Malaysia grows up rapidly, AirAsia also feels the rapid spurt of growth, thanks to its ‘Now everyone can fly’ campaign.

LCCT @ Labu, Negeri Sembilan (cancelled)

Early 2009, AirAsia and Sime Darby has agreed to build a new LCCT terminal in Labu, Negeri Sembilan. Both companies will agree to pay in full the costs involved. The new airport is estimated to cost about RM 1.6 billion. It is just a mere 8 km from KLIA. The government initially gave a green light with this plan, but it was held back a few weeks later following on complaints made by numerous parties, including our former Prime Minister and MAHB. MAHB instead told that the new LCCT is already in KLIA’s masterplan, and waiting to be constructed.

However, Malaysian government vetoed the decision and call to scrap the plan, justifying that the new LCCT at KLIA will be completed in 2011, which is in three years time, in line with NAMP (National Airport Master Plan).

The New LCCT at KLIA (klia2)

The new mini-budget has included a new LCCT under its proposed expenditure, which is a RM 2 bil LCCT located in KLIA’s area.

Key Features of klia2

  • Estimated cost: RM 2 billion
  • Completion Date: Third Quarter 2011
  • Size: 150 000 sq m
  • Capacity: 30 mppa, with capability of expansion up to 45 mppa
  • Comfort level: 15 – 20 sq m per passenger
  • Multi-story car park – 6000 parking bays
  • Landside connection to KLIA main terminal building
  • Aircraft parking apron with 70 bays
  • New 4 km 3rd runway (after 2 existing one at KLIA)
  • Full parallel taxiways for runway 2 and runway 3 for quick turnaround
  • Integrated transport hub for buses and taxis
  • Efficient layout of concession areas for retail and food and beverage outlets
  • Transfer areas to facilitate ease of connections


Nearby places

KLIA Ekspres stops: KLIA (Main Terminal)  |  klia2

KLIA Transit stops: KLIA (Main Terminal)  |  klia2


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