Penang International Airport (PEN)

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Penang International Airport (IATA: PEN, ICAO: WMKP) is located at Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. It serves the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

Unlike many other airports in Malaysia, this airport is not named after any Malaysian royal figures.


Airport Location

Penang International Airport 2014-10-14 09.06.01
Penang International Airport 2014-10-14 09.06.01

The airport is located on the southern side of Penang Island. Usually, when an aircraft wants to land at Penang International Airport, the aircraft will utilize Runway 04, approaching the airport from the sea.



Airport Technical Details

Penang International Airport
Airport type:Public
Owner:Government of Malaysia
Operator:Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB)
Serves:Penang Island, Penang
Location:Penang Island, Penang
Time zone:Malaysia Standard Time (MST), UTC +08:00
Elevation AMSL:

Runway #1

  • Number: 04/22
  • Length: 3,352 m / 10,997 ft
  • Material: Asphalt

Flight Schedule (Arrivals)

AK 6110AirAsiaKUL7:45 AMDaily
AK 6124AirAsiaKUL9:35 AMDaily
AK 6112AirAsiaKUL10:55 AMDaily
OD 2102Malindo AirKUL11:00 AMDaily
AK 6122AirAsiaKUL11:55 AMDaily
MH 1140Malaysia AirlinesKUL12:05 PMDaily
AK 6114AirAsiaKUL1:15 PMDaily
AK 6126AirAsiaKUL2:00 PMDaily
AK 5323AirAsiaBKI4:00 PMDaily
OD 2104Malindo AirKUL2:30 PMDaily
MH 1148Malaysia AirlinesKUL2:40 PMDaily
OD 1331Malindo AirMKZ3:30 PMDaily
AK 6116AirAsiaKUL4:05 PMDaily
AK 6414AirAsiaJHB4:55 PMDaily
MH 1152Malaysia AirlinesKUL5:20 PMDaily
FY 1005FireflyKBR7:25 PMDaily
AK 6130AirAsiaKUL8:10 PMDaily
AK 6128AirAsiaKUL8:50 PMDaily
AK 6118AirAsiaKUL10:00 PMDaily
MH 1166Malaysia AirlinesKUL10:05 PMDaily
OD 2106Malindo AirKUL11:05 PMDaily
AK 6120AirAsiaKUL11:20 PMDaily
MH 1194Malaysia AirlinesKUL12:25 AMDaily
MH 1162Malaysia AirlinesKULDaily
AK 6418AirAsiaJHBDaily

Flight Schedule (Departures)

AK 6121AirAsia11:45 PMKULDaily
MH 1133Malaysia Airlines6:00 AMKULDaily
OD 2105Malindo Air6:25 AMKULDaily
AK 6123AirAsia7:00 AMKULDaily
MH 1137Malaysia Airlines7:00 AMKULDaily
AK 6111AirAsia8:10 AMKULDaily
MH 1143Malaysia Airlines9:55 AMKULDaily
AK 6113AirAsia11:20 AMKULDaily
MH 1145Malaysia Airlines12:40 PMKULDaily
AK 6115AirAsia1:10 PMKULDaily
AK 6125AirAsia2:05 PMKULDaily
OD 2103Malindo Air3:10 PMKULDaily
MH 1149Malaysia Airlines3:30 PMKULFri, Sat, Sun only
OD 2101Malindo Air4:20 PMKULDaily
AK 6127AirAsia4:40 PMKULDaily
FY 2215Firefly5:05 PMSZBDaily
AK 6117AirAsia5:15 PMKULDaily
MH 1155Malaysia Airlines5:20 PMKULDaily
FY 2203Firefly6:05 PMSZBDaily except Sat
AK 6131AirAsia6:10 PMKULDaily
FY 2205Firefly7:05 PMSZBDaily
OD 1167Malindo Air7:20 PMSZBDaily
AK 6119AirAsia7:20 PMKULDaily
OD 1159Malindo Air7:30 PMSZBDaily except Sun
FY 2207Firefly8:00 PMSZBDaily
OD 1173Malindo Air8:00 PMSZBDaily
OD 1175Malindo Air8:55 PMSZBDaily except Sat
MH 1165Malaysia Airlines8:55 PMKULDaily
AK 6129AirAsia9:15 PMKULDaily
OD 1179Malindo Air9:20 PMSZBDaily except Friday
FY 2209Firefly9:50 PMSZBDaily
OD 1169Malindo Air10:25 PMSZBDaily


The airport was formerly known as Bayan Lepas International Airport. It was completed in 1935.

During the World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army hit the airport in its series of air raids. Apart from this airport, RMAF Butterworth airfield was also targeted by the army.

In the 1970s, the airport underwent a major expansion project. A new terminal building inspired by Minangkabau culture was built and its runway has been extended. This is done to accommodate a large passenger jet aircraft at that time, which is Boeing 747.

In 1979, the airport was renamed to Penang International Airport after the completion of the renovation project.

Between 2009 and 2013, the airport underwent a major renovation project, giving its terminal a major facelift.

Nearby places

Bayan Lepas Industrial Area

Penang Second Bridge

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