AirAsia Charges RM3 for “KLIA2 Fee”

A recent move by AirAsia to pass RM3 fee charge to its customers who booked their flight starting from Friday onwards, according to The Star article, “AirAsia imposing RM3 ‘KLIA2 fee’, MAHB denies charge theirs by Christine Cheah”.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), KLIA2 operator, denied having such fees, “KLIA2 fee”. Instead, it is a fee charged by the operator to all airlines, not just AirAsia.

AirAsia should absorb the cost and include it in its airfare instead of playing the blame game and pass it to consumers with the label “KLIA2 fee”, giving impression as if MAHB is being cruel by charging extra fee in addition to the existing airport tax.

Instead, AirAsia should educate its customers on the reasons why they need to increase their fare. Customers are getting better experience (wheelchair-bound passengers are more than happy to use the aerobridge now) and check-in counters.

With the establishment of KLIA2, we hope AirAsia will continue to prosper and be a leading low-cost carrier in the world.

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