Excessive Congestion at LCCT due to AirAsia’s Selfish Decision

AirAsia’s decision to move its operation to KLIA2 only on May 9th has caused excessive congestion at the existing LCCT, Bernama reported.

The decision to move only on May 9th instead of the assigned May 2nd move over date to KLIA2 is seen as selfish because AirAsia must comply by instructions from law agencies at all times with no exceptions.

Several meetings between consulted parties have resulted in impasse between AirAsia and Immigration Department. Being a government department with limited manpower and resource, Immigration Department cannot make accommodations for AirAsia just because they disagreed with the proposed move over date while most other airlines have agreed to do so. The arrogant move by the company has resulted in tremendous amount of diffulties faced not just by passengers but various other agencies as well.

Criticizing other agencies and the government is easy for a big and powerful company like AirAsia but we believe that all parties should help the country to grow into a better one and not condoning any form of bullying.

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