Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI)

Kota Kinabalu International Airport (IATA: BKI, ICAO: WBKK) is a medium-sized international airport located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI)
Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI)


Airport Location

The airport is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Flight Information

Regular flights are being scheduled to/from Kota Kinabalu International Airport. For international passengers as well as passengers arriving from Peninsular Malaysia, immigration check is required.

Airport Technical Details

Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Airport type:Public
Owner:Government of Malaysia
Operator:Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB)
Serves:Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Location:Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Time zone:Malaysia Standard Time (MST), UTC +08:00
Elevation AMSL:10 ft (3 m)
Coordinates:5.944722, 116.058611

Kota Kinabalu International Airport has 1 runway. It has two terminals. AirAsia is based in Terminal 2 while all other carriers are based in Terminal 1.

Flight Schedule (Arrivals)

MH 6014Malaysia AirlinesKCH1:55 AMThu only
MH 3324MASwingsBTU9:30 AMDaily
AK 5346AirAsiaKBR3:40 PMSat, Tue, Thu only
MH 3326MASwingsBTU1:10PM (Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat), 3:00 PM (Sun, Tue, Fri)Daily
OD 1220Malindo AirJHB4:55 PM / 5:55 PMDaily
AK 5304AirAsiaJHB4:55PM/5:55PMDaily

Flight Schedule (Departures)

AK 5131AirAsia9:40 PMKULDaily
AK 5133AirAsia10:55 PMKULDaily
MH 3041MASwings6:20 AMLBUDaily
MH 3010MASwings6:10 AMLDUDaily
AK 6492AirAsia6:35 AMSDKDaily
MH 3183MASwings6:05 AMSBWDaily
MH 2637Malaysia Airlines5:35 AMKULDaily
MH 2121Malaysia Airlines7:40 AMTWUDaily
AK 5135AirAsia6:15 AMKULDaily
MH 3093MASwings8:10 AMSDKDaily
AK 6351AirAsia7:55 AMKCHDaily
BI 822Royal Brunei8:50 AMBWN
AK 6260AirAsia8:55 AMTWUDaily
MH 2603Malaysia Airlines7:35 AMKULDaily
MH 3323MASwings8:45 AMBTUDaily
MH 3006MASwings9:20 AMKUDMon, Thu, Sat only
MH 3014MASwings9:55 AMLDUDaily
AK 5111AirAsia9:30 AMKULDaily
MH 2807Malaysia Airlines10:45 AMKCHDaily
MH 2613Malaysia Airlines9:50 AMKULDaily
AK 5345AirAsia10:00 AMKBRTue, Thu, Sat only
OD 1017Malindo Air10:25 AMKULTue, Thu, Sun only
MH 2137Malaysia Airlines12:30 PMTWUDaily
AK 5109AirAsia10:55 AMKULDaily
MH 3255MASwings12:30 PMMYYMon, Wed, Thu, Sat only
OD 1007Malindo Air11:25 AMKULDaily
AK 6494AirAsia1:20 PMSDKDaily
MH 2621Malaysia Airlines12:05 PMKULDaily
MH 3018MASwings1:40 PMLDUDaily
AK 6262AirAsia1:50 PMTWUDaily
AK 5107AirAsia12:30 PMKULDaily
MH 3071MASwings3:00 PMLBUDaily
MH 2611Malaysia Airlines1:20 PMKULDaily
AK 5323AirAsia1:35 PMPENDaily
MH 3095MASwings3:25 PMSDKDaily
AK 6266AirAsia3:55 PMTWUDaily
AK 6355AirAsia3:30 PMKCHDaily
MH 3022MASwings4:15 PMLDUDaily
MH 3215MASwings4:55 PMMYYSat, Mon, Wed, Thu only
AK 5113AirAsia3:35 PMKULDaily
MH 2641Malaysia Airlines3:30 PMKULDaily
MH 3327MASwings5:00 PMBTUDaily
MH 2607Malaysia Airlines4:45 PMKULDaily
MH 3217MASwings6:50 PMLBUDaily
OD 1015Malindo Air5:10 PMKULDaily
MH 3104MASwings7:00 PMSDKDaily
AK 5137AirAsia5:35 PMKULDaily
MH 2647Malaysia Airlines5:50 PMKULMon, Thu only
MH 3077MASwings8:20 PMLBUSat, Mon, Wed, Thu only
MH 3057MASwings8:00 PMTWUDaily
MH 3187MASwings7:30 PMSBWDaily
MH 2631Malaysia Airlines6:50 PMKULDaily
AK 5117AirAsia6:55 PMKULDaily
AK 6264AirAsia8:30 PMTWUDaily
AK 5119AirAsia7:30 PMKULDaily
OD 1013Malindo Air8:15 PMKULDaily
AK 5121AirAsia8:40 PMKULDaily
MH 2639Malaysia Airlines9:00 PMKULDaily
AK 6359AirAsia10:30 PMKCHDaily
MH 3161MASwingsLMNSun, Thu, Sat only
AK 5301AirAsiaJHBDaily
AK 6073AirAsiaMYYSat, Tue, Thu only
AK 5303AirAsiaJHBDaily
AK 6071AirAsiaMYYWed, Fri, Sun, Mon only

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