Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is Malaysian national flag carrier full-service airline. Before the inception of AirAsia, MAS has almost complete monopoly of domestic Malaysian flight routes. However, in recent years, MAS finds itself to be in red. Continuous period of unprofitability has resulted in many calls for transformation of the ailing airline.

Malaysia Airlines has two subsidiary airlines, namely Firefly and MASwings. While Firefly focuses more on turboprop aircraft service around Peninsular Malaysia, MASwings operates exclusively within Sabah and Sarawak (Borneo).



  • 1947: The company was founded, operating as Malayan Airways.
  • 1966: It was renamed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA).
  • 1972: After the separation of Malaysia and Singapore, the airline is them renamed as Malaysian Airlines System (MAS).
  • 1987: Malaysia Airlines obtained its current name.
  • 1987, September 30th: Malaysia Airlines introduced Esteemed Traveller frequent-flyer program.
  • 1999: Malaysia Airlines introduced Enrich, replacing existing frequent-flyer program
  • 2013: Become a part of Oneworld airline alliance


Incidents and Accidents

  • 2014, March 8th: MH370 incident, all 239 souls onboard perished
  • 2014, July 17th: MH17 incident, all 298 souls onboard perished


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Baggage Drop Policy

One MAS staff said passengers can drop their bag / baggage / luggage as soon as they have checked in. Well that is awesome, especially if you want to spend some time in post-security shops.