Malaysia Airlines Advisory for Flights To/From Hong Kong

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Malaysia Airlines has issued a travel advisory for flights to/from Hong Kong.

Although there is a large-scale protest going on in Hong Kong, flights are operating normally as scheduled. However, passengers are advised to give themselves extra time to accommodate delays that might arise due to the event.

Read more from Malaysia Airlines below:

Malaysia Airlines flights to and from Hong Kong are operating as scheduled in spite of the protest that is currently taking place at central Hong Kong.

The airline would like to advise passengers to plan their journey to Hong Kong International Airport ahead of time to avoid road closures or traffic diversions and encourage to commute via the express train to get to the airport.

Malaysia Airlines flies four times daily between Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong on MH448/449, MH72/73, MH432/433 and MH78/79; and daily between Kota Kinabalu and Hong Kong on MH384/385.

For any queries, please contact Malaysia Airlines’ call centre at 1-300-88-3000 (in Malaysia) or Malaysia Airlines Hong Kong office at 852) 2916 0088. Alternatively, passengers can log on and select ‘Flight Status’ option for further updates on the situation.

Source: Malaysia Airlines

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