TravelTip: Getting Comfortable Cabin Temperature In-Flight

2014-06-17 16.42.29
2014-06-17 16.42.29

Some users took to the internet to voice out their displeasure of uncomfortable cabin temperature during flight. Some complains it is too hot while a number of other passengers claims the temperature is too cold for them.

Since temperature can be very subjective, usually modern aircrafts have come up with different temperature zones to enable slight fluctuation of temperature between sections in the aircraft.

If you find the temperature is not suitable for you, you can ask the flight attendant to decrease or increase it a bit. Please be mindful of other passenger’s needs while you are doing this. In most cases, the flight attendant will change the temperature by about 1˚ Celcius, enough to make you feel the difference and not disturbing other passengers at the same time.

There is a discussion on an online forum regarding British Airways’ cabin temperature policy. One BA crew member said that the airline never adjusts cabin temperature to save fuel (Source) despite some allegations.

Usually the temperature on long-haul flights will be on the lower side as the passengers can use blanket to make themselves feel warmer.

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